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Unified Track and Field: About Us

2022 In-House
Basketball League

for Boys 3rd-6th Grade
and Girls 3rd-8th Grade

Interested in weekday Skills Training?


Games at 1:00p, 2:30p or 4:00p at Valparaiso High School
Format: 30 min Practice & Extended Warm-up followed by ~60 min Game


Boys - 3rd Grade / 4th Grade  /  5th Grade  /  6th Grade
Girls - 3rd & 4th Grade  /  5th & 6th Grade  /  7th & 8th Grade

All Valpo Hoops games will be at Valparaiso High School
in the Main Gym or Fieldhouse

Have questions about the League?  Check out our FAQs below.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 9.56.22 AM.png


Do I need to have my own team to play in the league?
No.  We will create teams once all players are registered.

Who will coach the teams?
Volunteers (Dads, Moms, etc) will coach each of the teams.  They will be asked to attend a training session with VHS Head Coaches, Barak Coolman and Candy Wilson.

How will teams be picked?
Upon the completion of registration, and depending on the number of registrants, we will establish the divisions.  Within each division, we will include the Volunteers in a process to select teams.  

How will the games be managed?
Officials will be hired to officiate each game.  We'll ask for volunteers to run the scoreboard and keep the book.  In addition, there will be a Valpo Hoops Administrator on site at all times to help manage games and answer any questions.

Are boys and girls playing together on the same teams?
No.  There will be separate teams and divisions for boys and for girls.

When and Where are the games?
Games will be played at Valparaiso High School, utilizing the main gym and field house courts.

Can I come watch the League games?
Of course!  All games will be open and free to spectators & fans.


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